From Your 3view Box To Your Computer

Depending on your operating system you may already have all you need to view recorded programs from your 3view box.

As I don't have one of these operating systems I can not currently help with this.

However there is a single solution. Its called boxee and can be downloaded from

Once you have it downloaded and installed start it up, and navigate into the files menu, then through upnp to find the media server and all of your recoded programs. Select the program you want, press play and away you go. You can also use Boxee to access Iplayer, 4od etc on your computer.

Soon linksys will be releasing a set top box which will run boxee and may be a great way of bringing 3view recordings to a second TV. You can read some more about it here

XBMC is similar to boxee but has less functions. However I find it easier to use and you can use it to copy files form 3view to a computer. You can get xbmc at Once installed add the 3view as a source and you can start viewing programs. Add 3view as a source to the file manager and you can copy videos off of the 3view to your computer for viewing away form home. However be aware that the copying process takes some time.

Also in the spirit of the boxee box 3view will soon be releasing a hardisk and tuner less box which you can use to view catchup TV or recordings from your main 3view box. see the 3view site for more info.

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