From Your Computer To Your 3view Box

As well as the full DLNA client as detailed below you can also connect to any file on your computer as long as you have enabled network sharing. However the process is at the moment a bit hit and miss with some users having more success than others. I have found however that it works both connecting as a guest and as a named user.
You will first need to have made the folder containing the files you wish to view available for sharing on your computer. then on your 3view box navigate to Home -> My videos -> Entire network -> your computers name. Press OK and select Set Login Info (if needed). You should now be able to select your computer and Browse to your video files. Pressing Ok on the file will give options to play, categorise, add to my media (which wlll create a short cut to the file form ..yes that right the my videos menu,) or copy to my media which will make a copy of the file on the 3view hard disk.

Alternative method

DLNA is a protocol that allows the streaming of media files from one device to another. Searching on google will probably turn up a tone of options, some easier to set up than others. You may also find that such a server is already built into your operating system.

One multi platform option is pms which you can read about here. Although originally designed to serve files to a ps3 it works just fine with the 3view box. It is easy to set up, and there is plenty of information on the pms site.

Once you have some video files on your compute and a DLNA server running you should be able to access them from 3view. You will need to press home on your remote then use the arrow keys to move down to video then move across to network, select the name you gave your server, and select the file you want to play. Pressing OK on that file will bring up a menu of options including to play the video.

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