Getting Started

Having opened the box you will find the quick start guide which will show you how to connect the box to your TV.

Missing channels

If after completing the set up you find some channels are missing you might like to try a rescan. Press setup on your remote then select Channels —> Scan Channels —> Antenna you can then chose to do a scan and replace which will remove all the channels and start again or a keep and scan which will keep all the channels you have so far and add any new ones it finds. the channel scan does take ages…be patient.

Managing channels

This will allow you to change the order of channels, change channel names, or remove channels from the list.

To remove a channel go to Channels —> Manage Channels move across to the channel list and yous up and down to select a channel you don't want eg rocks and co and press ok on the remote to "untick" it. Move across further from a selected channel to edit info which allows you to change its name, or reorder it by changing its number. However the reordering is rather poor as you end up with several channels all with the same channel number if for instance you wanted bbc 1, 2, 3, and 4 before ITV you would end up with 3 channel 2s, (ie1 bbc, 2 bbc2, 2 bbc3, 2 bbc4, 3 ITV)

Be careful, if you un-select a channel while you are watching it or select clear all you will find that the 3view box locks up with a no signal message on screen and no way to get you TV picture back. Don't panic use the mark all button to reselect everything, and then swich of the box at the mains, wait a few seconds for the hard disk to come to a stand still (count to 10 is a good rule of thumb) Switch back on again and all should be well.


If you intend to get the full use of your 3 view box you will need to connect to a network.
Connect the supplied network cable to your router or home plugs as described in the quick start guide and then select setup from the remote control and then System —> Network —> Network Setup Wizard from the menus. Follow the on screen prompts the defaults should work in most cases. I found I had to turn the power to my box off and on again to get the network to recognize my box. Your mileage may vary.

Software Update

Its a good idea to check for new versions of the software. These may activate new features or fix bugs. Again chose setup from the remote control and in the menu select System —> Software Update —>Network Update. Wait whilst the list of software populates. Move across and down to the one you want. At the moment that always seems to be the last one on the list. You can tell which is the newest from the long number at the end e.g. 201009091715 would be 2010, 09 month, 09 day, 1715 time. Press OK on the one you want move down to install now and press OK on the remote. The software will download and install. Be patient the whole process from start to finish will take about 15 mins so make sure there is nothing on you want to watch or are planning to record. During the install process you will see some simple text messages on your TV screen such as extracting kernel etc. Pay it no attention, the box will restart when it is ready.

Box Registration

First create an account at 3view Then once again select setup on the remote control, move down to Box Registration —> User Name Enter the user name you selected at the web site, then move down to the password box and enter the password you used when creating the account. If all goes well Success will appear next to Registration. If you get an error double check the details you have entered. If you still have a problem you will need to give 3view a call with the serial number of the 3view box which you can find in setup system info. It is the Chip serial Number you want. Wright this down and call 3view who will fix the problem so you can register. 3view contact info

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