Managing your recordings
Removing a recording

Once a show is put in the trash you can highlight it again, select OK and select delete from the menu.

Removing a series or search

Once you have watched all of the shows in a series or search you can delete then all by selecting the show or search from the left hand column in the PVR screen, and select delete. CARE this will remove all the episodes, and the request to record that show or perform that search. In other words, all recorded episodes of say Doctor Who will be removed, and all scheduled recordings of Doctor Who will be removed.

A smarter way to work.

In fact there should never be any reason to remove anything. When setting up a recording you can select what is the minimum time you wish to keep a show, you can also mark items as in the trash. Once the 3view hard disk starts to fill up it will automatically remove old shows, starting with the trash, then with the shows which are furthest past there keep until date. This means that you need to make sure that something you wish to keep forever is marked as such.

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