Organizing And Playing Video From Other Places

Video files you have accessed for example form the internet can be copied and organised on the 3view box. Having copied the files onto for example a usb memory stick you will be able to access them from the 3view box via home -> videos. You can then either play the file direct from the memory stick, or select to copy it onto the hard disk. Once on the hard disk you can assign it to or give it a new category. This allows you to arrange programs or films into helpful groups so you can find them more easily.

You can use these categories to sort programs you have recorded on the 3view box and want to keep. Navigate to the video, network section, at the top will be listed the 3view media server, you can navigate through this to find the program you want, then select OK and add to my videos, then go back to the my videos, find the video and press ok and give it a new or assign it to an existing category.

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