Recording A Program
Record the program currently being watched.

Press record on the remote control.

Record a program on soon.

Use the info button to bring up the program overlay. Use the arrow keys to select the program you want to record and press OK. Then from the menu select whether you want to record all episodes of a show or just that one. If you are watching a recording you can access the EPG overlay by pressing OK on the remote control two times, once brings up the synopsis of the show you are watching and the second press the EPG.

Browse and record programs.

Press guide to bring up a larger on screen program guide. Navigate around with the arrow keys. Press OK on a show you want to record then select if you want to record that episode or a whole series.

A smarter way to record

Rather than trying to find the programs you want to record why not let 3view do it for you? select PVR on the remote control and use the arrow keys to select search. The search box has two search modes, title search and key word search.

Title search

Press OK on the title search button then start entering the title of the show you want using the on screen keyboard, as you enter letters the right hand side of the screen will show a matching list of programs and channels they are on. Once the program you want comes up move to the bottom of the key board and exit, then use the up and down arrows to move to the correct title on the correct channel, press OK select to record this episode or all episodes, wait whilst 3view does its job

Key word search

Useful if you want to record particular types of programs. For example say I love horror movies. Select PVR from the remote control, use the arrow keys to navigate to search and press OK. Use arrow keys to move down to keywords and press OK. Using the on screen keyboard enter the first word you want to make up your keyword search in our example that might be movie, as we enter the letters a list on the left hand side starts to show matching words from the guide once you see the word on the left move across to it and press OK. If the word is not (yet) in the guide then enter it in full and select it from the top of the list. Then press enter again on the keyword entry box and enter the next word in or example horror. Once finished we have a keyword box that says movies and horror.Move down and press OK on create wishlist. The recording options box will open. Move down to priority and set it to low, I don't want to record one of these auto detected shows rather than one I have personal selected. Move back up to accept and wait a moment whilst the guide is searched and your recordings scheduled. Then use back to move to the main PVR screen. Your keyword search will appear in the recordings list.

Series link

When you opt to record a series rather than a single episode you will first have to decide if you want to record every showing or just the first run of each episode. If you chosen just first run (the default) then only the first showing will be recorded. If there are more than 2 recordings programed then the box will look for repeat showings of each of your shows, and then offer to record the repeat instead of the first showing. So for example I set Star Treak to record on channel one every day at 3pm, than Miss Marple at 3 on ITV3 and finally try to record Murder She Wrote at 3pm on BBC1, when I program the last of these the 3view box will realize that it does not have enough tuners, and will also notice that the episode of Star Treak is repeated on Sunday and will offer to record that one instead. Cool.

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