The Short Epg
How to view

The short EPG can be viewed by pressing the info button on the remote whilst viewing tv, or pressing info two times whilst viewing a recording.

Moving around the guide

Use the arrow keys to move up and down the channel list or along the day to a latter time. Jump to a particular channel by entering its number on the remote control.

Changing channel

To watch the highlighted program press play on the remote control. If the program is on latter record the program by pressing the record button. Pressing record again on an already highlighted recording sets a series record and pressing a third time on a series record will remove the scheduled recordings.

Short menu options

Pressing OK on a program brings up a short menu with options to record an episode, Record a series, View upcoming episodes of a program, or set up a manual recording (For example if you only want to record a part of a program, or if the guide is incorrect.)

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