• You can set a program to record from the short EPG. Select the program you want, press OK and select to record the program or record the series. For greater speed you can just press record on the remote controle whilst the show you want to record is highlighted.
    • If watching a recording pressing OK two times will bring up the short EPG allowing you to set a recording whilst watching one play back.
  • Cycle through a standard, alphabetical and favorites view of the EPG by pressing the info button on the remote control.
  • Cycle through different views in the PVR screen with the info. button on the remote control. Standard view, then plain alphabetical, then an alphabetical view of only programs available to view. Chosen view is remembered for subsequent views of the PVR screen.
  • If your on screen guide stops updating it may be that there is a problem with the database. Restarting the 3view box seems to get things going again. Go to system -> reset -> restart. you might like to make sure no recordings are ongoing or likely to start or you will miss bits of your programs.
  • The dlna server shows up in the list of network devices. Was able to navigate to a recored program, add it to my videos then assign it a category. Seems like a way of organizing stuff you would like to keep
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