TV From The Internet

The 3view box is designed to allow you to access TV from the internet very easily. However function at this time is very limited and not available at all if you dont have networking set up.

Accessing TV over the internet.

Pressing the strange red 3 in a triangle on the remote control is the fastest way to bring up the list of all internet TV sources.


To access IPlayer move to the IPlayer link and press OK. You will be presented with the IPlayer welcome page. Move around the page using the arrow keys, and use the OK key to select a program or link. If you find your internet connection is a little slow then navigate to the bottom of the screen and select settings. You can then reduce the image quality and thus the amount of bandwidth. If you have lots of bandwidth than keep an eye out for links to HD programs, or use the link to the HD channel to find the very highest quality stuff….yum!

You Tube

Moving to the You Tube link and pressing OK will take you to the YouTube application. the left hand side of the screen contains a series of links to favorite, most popular etc. Towards the bottom is an option to search. Selecting this will bring up the on screen keyboard you can then enter the title you wish to search for. Once the search is completed a list of matching videos will be displayed which you can navigate down and select using the remote controls arrow keys and OK button. Some videos will not be available, most notably and disappointingly will be channel 5 and 4od provided content.

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