Watching Recordings
Watching a show you previously recorded.

Select PVR from the remote control. On the left hand side of the screen there is a list of shows, series and keyword searches you have set to record. As you move down to each of these you will see on the right hand side a list of recorded and to be recorded instances of that show, series or search. Pressing play on the remote control with the show, series or search you want highlighted will play the first available episode or program from the right hand list. To play a different episode use the arrows on the remote control to move across to the right hand list, then select the program you want and press play.
You can cycle through different views in the PVR screen with the info. button on the remote control. Standard view, then plain alphabetical, then an alphabetical view of only programs available to view. The chosen view will be remembered for subsequent views of the PVR screen.

Watching a show you previously started watching.

By default pressing play as described above will start the program were you last stopped it. If you want to start again from the beginning then press OK on the remote control whilst the program you want is highlighted above, a short menu will appear with options to watch from the start or from where you left off. Select the watch from the start option.

Marking a show as watched/marking for deletion.

Once you have finished with an episode of a show you can mark it so that it will be deleted when the 3view box needs the space. This also has the advantage that once a show is marked as "in trash" it will be ignored when you select to play first available as above, yet it is still available if you need it.

Accessing from the EPG.

As an alternative to the above any show that has been or is being recorded will be highlighted in both the short and the long EPG. This allows you to navigate to a program in the EPG, then press OK. The menu which pops up will include and option to play, which will allow you to watch a recording. This is sometimes useful to watch a recently recorded program or a show which is still being recorded (Somtimes called chase play).

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