Watching TV

Turn the box on or take it out of stand by with the power button on the remote control.

Changing channel

Pressing info whilst watching TV will present an overlapping display of channels and programs. Use the arrows to move up and down and press play on a channel you want to watch.

Changing Volume

Using the left and right arrows on the remote control will allow you to change the sound volume of the box, this is useful to match the volume from the 3view box with other equipment you might have.

Pausing live TV

Whilst watching a program you can use pause, rewind or fast forward using the buttons on the remote control. I addition once the image is paused you can move forward or back through it in slow motion using the fastforward and rewind buttons on the remote control. One thing you cant yet do is pause one channel switch to a second one watch that and switch back to the first and pick up were you left off. However you can get the same effect if whilst watching the first program you press record on the remote control (you will see on screen confirmation, eg "recording top gun". Pause and switch to your other program press record on your remote. Watch second channel till adverts start, press pause, press info use arrows to move back to first channel, press OK, select play from the menu (not play from start) continue watching first program till the next add break pause and switch back as before. Once you finish watching the shows don't forget to delete them (see managing recordings)

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